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1st Annual Chili Cook Off
Vertical Church Boise

Vertical Church will have its first annual chili cook off competition on September 24, 2003.
We want this to be fun!  We want this to be a real competition!

1. this is not a hottest chili contest
2. best tasting wins. beans or no beans
3. color, aroma, consistency, taste and after-taste will be judged accordingly
4. please add any spicy sauces or flavors on a side
5. Judges' will be BLIND tasting while voting for a specific recipe#
6. All entries MUST be submitted in a crockpot or suitable kitchen accessory w/ ladle 
7. All entries MUST be concealed in such fashion that Judges know not whose chili they're judging
8. All entries MUST be submitted inside kitchen
9. Inside kitchen, contestants receive their official Contestant Number
10. Tastiest Contestant's Number is our 2023 Champ

11. Spread this news. Share far and wide

Please Join Us Volunteers
We need 3 people to bring corn bread
We need 4 people to bring a salad with dressing
We need 4 people to bring a desert
We need clean-up volunteers

Grand Prize
Bragging rights for one year plus a really cool trophy!

Competitors must know this is not a contest to have the hottest chili but the best tasting. Judging will be on color, aroma, consistency, taste and after-taste. We ask that your tell your friends and circulate this information with your friends, family and online social chili network.

Please contact Susan Sackett with any questions.

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