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Men's Ministry

The men of Vertical Church meet on the second Saturday of each month and share a hearty homemade breakfast with one another. This is a time to enjoy some great food as we fellowship and get to know each other and make plans for group activities (such as fishing, golfing, sporting events, and more) and coming together to help keep our church building in good order and repair.  Contact Tom Mooney with any questions.

Vertical Youth Group

We are striving to grow our youth group at Vertical and we are seeking teachers with a passion and God given gifts to instruct children in three main areas:

Learning about Jesus

Getting knowledge from the Bible

Forming long lasting friendships with each other

If you are a regular attendee of Vertical Church and would like more information regarding this ministry, contact Pastor Matt today!

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Women's Ministry​

As women in Christ we believe in providing hope, nurturing faith, and supporting each other.  We are currently meeting on the third Saturday of each month from 11 am to 1 pm. Bring a sack lunch and be prepared to sing a few hymns and pray together as we share stories and ideas to minister to all who are in need of hope.  Contact Susan Sackett with any questions.  

Worship Ministry

Worship is a huge part of Vertical Church and the songs we sing are always directed to our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.  The worship ministry strives to lift up His name in praise, love, and thankfulness as we lead our congregation in song.  Worship service begins at 11 am every Sunday.  We also hold a special worship night (approximately every quarter) as believers in Christ share their personal testimonies.

Would you like information about joining our worship ministry? Contact Kevin Sackett today!

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6th to 12th grade
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Prayer Ministry
Community Groups
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Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry
Worship Ministry
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