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Vertical church exists to function as another healthy part of the body of Christ, locally in Boise Idaho. We want to simply live in community among each other, and practice the day to day dynamic of "doing life together".  The pioneers of Vertical have spent years seeking the heart of God on how to be a body that can effectively reach people in our local community. We aim to create a refreshing atmosphere that is appealing to anyone seeking a relationship with Jesus at any level. It's our heart and passion to create a Kingdom Culture that inspires and ignites people to pursue an intimate relationship with the living God.


We are not afraid to do "church" differently, and we are willing to risk in order to win souls for Christ. We understand the rapid changing culture and desire to embrace people where they are, as Christ did; without compromising the foundational truth of the Word of God. Gathering together in unity, we focus on worshiping the Lord; we focus on the needs of our church family, and we focus on our calling to serve our community.

What We Believe

Everybody believes something. Here at Vertical Church we do have a set of beliefs that we hold dear. But here's the thing... you don't have to endorse or subscribe to the same beliefs we do to come and hang with us.  We are a welcoming church. We welcome all, whether you are Catholic, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Baptist, Buddhist, LDS or whatever your spiritual background. All are invited to come and connect with Jesus Christ.

All that being said, there are certain scriptural truths that we hold as sacred. Things we feel as a church that we cannot compromise or let slide. These are our central theological beliefs. If you want to view our full theological statement, click on the link below. But know this, no matter what your belief system is, all we want to do is visibly express the Love of Jesus Christ that we have found.


we believe...

Celebration Sunday



Celebration Sunday is our monthly celebration of life at Vertical Church. It happens on the last Sunday of every month. What can you expect on Celebration Sunday?

  • Food and Fellowship

  • Great coffee

  • Baby Dedications

  • Baptisms

  • Communion

  • Music​


Celebration Sunday is something that forges community and relationships within our congregation. It is good times, good friends and good food... what more could you ask for?

Staff & Elders


Matt Williams
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Carlee Daigle

Office Administrator


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Craig Chaney
Tom Mooney


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Steve Blake

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